Zoning Use Districts


  • Zoning regulations govern how land can be used in various geographic areas called "zoning use districts" (also known as "zoning," "zones" or "use districts").
  • Zoning regulations may:
    • govern sizes and shapes of buildings
    • limit the number of units or apartments that can exists on a property
    • require the accommodation of car parking off of the street
    • set controls on planting street trees under certain circumstances
    • specify how late a business can remain open at night


  • Each part of the City is divided into zones that correspond to regulations in the Planning Code
  • Get a higher resolution PDF version of the map above provided by Planning



  • For understanding what is permitted, conditional and not permitted when building in San Francisco


Reference Description and Constraints Reference Columns
Zoning Districts The Zoning Districts are a component of the Zoning Map which in turn is a key component of the San Francisco Planning Code. url links to the district definition in the planning codes
zoning is the district code
Planning Code The official Zoning Map can be found in the San Francisco Planning Code on the links under ZONING MAPS on the left navigation column). N/A

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