The City's Open Data Program provides the Analysis Neighborhoods as the primary neighborhood district boundary on automated datasets. We also provide other neighborhood boundaries when appropriate.

The table below includes:

  • the name and link to each of the neighborhood districts
  • the human readable column name used on the open data portal
  • the application programming interface (API) name
  • the shortname used when there are character limits (e.g. in shapefile formats)
  • the number of districts included in the dataset
  • a quick link to download a CSV of just the boundary names (without geometry)
Dataset Column Name (Human Readable) API Name Short Name Number of Neighborhoods Download Boundary Names
Analysis Neighborhoods Neighborhooods - Analysis Boundaries neighborhoods_analysis_boundaries NBHDANA 42 Download
Neighborhood Groups Neighborhoods - Group Boundaries neighborhoods_group_boundaries NBHDGRP 37 Download
SF Realtor Neighborhoods Neighborhoods - Realtor Boundaries neighborhoods_realtor_boundaries NBHDSFRA 92 Download
SFFind Neighborhoods Neighborhoods - SFFind boundaries neighborhoods_sffind_boundaries NBHDSFFIND 117 Download

Note: Datasets published before we codified this practice may not reflect the above. We are actively improving existing datasets on a rolling basis. Please consult the data dictionary and other related documentation under the dataset's About tab. If it's still unclear, contact DataSF, and we'll be happy to help.

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