What is it

Zapier is an automation platform that links cloud APIs together. You can connect triggers in one application to actions in another. These can be chained together and data mutated as needed.

While many of these integrations can be scripted, Zapier saves you the time of having to figure out 100s of APIs.

Learn more about Zapier.

How does it support our process?

Zapier is used to connect our various systems. We use it to automatically:

  1. Create help desk cases and Trello cards at intake
  2. Sync updates to the inventory in Airtable from intake and send automated emails to staff for review
  3. Log activity from the Trello Board in a Google Sheet
  4. Log activity from in a Google Sheet

Pictured below is an example action set up in Zapier that writes a new Trello card. It's triggered on submission of the Screendoor form.

Which processes does it support?

Zapier logs activity at each step in the process.

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